Friday, December 14, 2012

Where I am today.

Where do I turn?

I'm phoneless, homeless, and still pump out the most Shit!

So when can a guy like me get some cheddar? Right then, I laised it. I can't be heinous when the paper is at my latest! So what's stopping me from getting me some? It might have been the sun; I gotta get one so sometime I have my fun! I want to run. I do it for the calisthenics, to let you know we winnin', so when we get this cash, we can spend it!

I play on Big paper, big money, not funny; no, honey. Catch me when you see me and it's sunny, the only thing you'll be able to say after is that one meet. One meets, one meeted, it's the same thing.

Had to let that one breathe. Just to let you know I am X-One and I am the Hottest! All these people are talking about Xavier and He's the only one who seems to be getting ahead! I know Jigga has His eyes on Him... let Him Pay the Man!

I'm told that I need to save, but where is the line between saving my money now and buying what I need now? Look, I know where you're playing, but are you showing me the money? When you can do that, peel me off a rack or two. We all know that Xavier is playing, and I'm the first one to show you when He makes it!

If you can see it in a thought, you can see it in real life.

Ask me.... I have Answers!

And for a little something for you off the top of the dome:

So I, tip you off with the ringer, no blinger needed... I grew up in the time that we could speak through beepers... Jeepers Creepers, at the top of the spot, I had a shot, so it was either get mopped or bring a speaker.
Bumpin' Sisqo near the wrestling mats, Dynasty came in at a close second. Didn't have time for the first, so I stayed with the second, and I was livin' how I was steppin'.

You say I talk when I rap, but it's just my sentences! If you want me to start you up with that Bumpin' Shit, then I suggest you cough up some bucks!


Xavier Direll Willis

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