Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello again and Happy Holidays to all!

I got into an altercation with my mother on Christmas, and we had to separate... I needed my space, and the best thing I could do was go to the homeless shelter again.  I'll be able to do all I need to do in terms of going back home, but I need to do it on my own this time.  My outlook on life is good though; I have to watch out for these guys there though, because they will try to get anything they can, anyway they can.  I won't let anything happen to you though, my dear readers!  I will let someone get close enough to recognize me and anything after that will come back to me.  Unless you are one who wants to be recognized, you are free to make that decision.

But don't fret -- I will be getting some money, and I'm working to earn more;  I have to start somewhere, right?  Well I am getting ready.  Let's see how this works out:

I see as I read.  When I see, I'm beating that I'm reading. When I'm beating, You need to C... A-S-H, most kids play as fakes to Bake or Make my cake...
Who they playin'?  I've had fights at night, MTV after dark that night, I was there when kids couldn't share.  I took that dare and nothing compared!
It's just poetry, I know you wanna flow with me.
It's so easy to be appeasing! When you're meeting me you'll be beating, and when you're beating, all you'll be is reading feelings, so put some cash in my hands when you get the chance to see me!

That's all for now... I'll be going to the bars tonight to get some cash for this "live" work!  I'll remember my niggas forever...


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