Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The new job

I want to create a committee that rights the wrongs that plague humankind. we can start by finding the people who have internal issues. We should start with us! It all starts in the silence; then we wait until something bothers us in the that we have to speak about it, then we work it out back to the silence (in thoughts)! this is a service! I'm thinking $10 a minute...

 Heck, when they're around us they all see brightness, which is what most entreprenuers see !

 We have a network of those who see the most; we're walking blessings that we bless those with whom we cone in contact! We should be rewarded with our lives. Since we are so connected we are able to bring people close to those they care about the most.

We are lifelines.

Praying and Passing

When you have a thought as to what your future holds (and it is positive), you are praying. Some of the calls you make will be so monumental and needed at the moment that you will pass up those who aren't energized enough to keep up with you.