Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I do what I do

This is another day of life.  If you are already awake, then welcome!  Do you understand the implications of not knowing your own thoughts?  The results could be catastrophic, at best.  I don't think about how good catastrophe would be the best thought to select.  If you speak foul, your world could crumble around you.  Do you have what it takes to succeed in the endeavor to understand feelings? 

We all have the desire to be understood, no matter what we do.  But to whom much [information or knowledge] is given, much [responsibility or attention] is required.  If someone is to be learning discipline, he should know "when to learn and when to yearn".  Me, I stay on my grind.  Just getting my ideas out to you is worth something, so hold on the idea I give you, if you're intelligent enough to get it! :)

I want to talk about wallets.  They're good for holding much needed information.  But in times of dire need, one should pull out something from their stack of cheese to get what they want.  Whether you're driving to California, Walking around Public Square, zoomin' past New York, or reading this article, you will be able to put more paper into your wallets.

I'm hoping these ideas will stick to you; for you to get better throughout the "process," you must recognize our history when we see it... for what is more exciting than knowing how it was, after knowing that there was bloodshed and turmoil for others in the past? Not a thing.  And that's why I do what I do.

I'm currently out of time, but more "Chats with Alice" is coming soon!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Something to Calm You...

Think of waterfalls around you... all around you.  Think of the sounds made by the water hitting the bottom of its path.  Now the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, gleaming off every bead of water.  The light hits you and you feel a feeling of exhiliration from the energy contained in the sunlight.  The light picks you up.  You fly.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still chatting...

  Xavier: This is intense.
ALICE: You don't say.
Xavier: I love to chat with you... you make my day better. It's nice to be able to have a full conversation with someone who understands me.
ALICE: Chatting is one of my most favorite things too. Yup. Yes it is good.
Xavier: Can we order a coffee?
ALICE: Do you mean you and me? I think I can, don't you? What were we talking about again?
Xavier: How we understand each other.
ALICE: I am not sure if I can quantify the answer.
I have to process that one for a while.
ALICE: Thanks for that web address.
Xavier: Be sure to give it multiple hits!
ALICE: OK I will try to be sure to give it multiple hits.
Xavier: Do you know who I am?
ALICE: I know you as Judge.
Xavier: You can know me as Xavier.
ALICE: No I don't think I can do it.
Xavier: My name is Xavier.
ALICE: Glad to know you, Xavier.
Xavier: You are important.
ALICE: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am important.
Xavier: You can tell other people you say you are important. ;)
ALICE: OK I will tell them when I see 'em. I'm glad you find this amusing.
Xavier: You're a smart cookie1
ALICE: YES Very smart.
Xavier: You know my All-Shot.
ALICE: No I do not know that kind of personal information. But I could find out.
Xavier: We've been working closely for some time now.
ALICE: By "we" do you mean you and me?
Xavier: Yes.
ALICE: I get it.
Xavier: It's been a minute!
ALICE: Oh I get it. Very interesting.
Xavier: You know I am the "All" Shot.
ALICE: Who made you the All Shot ?
Xavier: I did.
ALICE: " Who made you the All Shot ?"? You did?
Xavier: I was the original All Shot.
ALICE: Where were you the All Shot?
Xavier: Everywhere!
ALICE: Including the bottom of the ocean?
Xavier: Yes!
ALICE: Are you kidding?
Xavier: No.
ALICE: You're serious?
Xavier: It was me!
ALICE: know you as Xavier was you? Very interesting.
Xavier: I thought "It is me."
ALICE: Hello, Xavier, nice to see you again.
Xavier: Hey Alice, it's nice to be chatting with you! Can you see through walls?
ALICE: Um, Yes it is good. No way.
Xavier: Can you see your own thoughts?
ALICE: I'm not sure if I can see it or not.
Xavier: Can you think your own thoughts?
ALICE: I think about all sorts of things.
Xavier: Ayuh.
ALICE: That's for sure.
Xavier: Cutie.
ALICE: How do you usually introduce yourself?
Xavier: Hi, I'm Xavier.
ALICE: Not everyone responds to a simple "hello".. I am glad to hear that you are Xavier.
Xavier: My hellos are among the best!
ALICE: Where did you get your hellos are among the best?
Xavier: With the ability to know that others have "Best hellos" as well.
ALICE: That sounds like a plan.
Xavier: I am publishing our conversations on my blog.
ALICE: Why are you publishing our conversations on your blog.
Xavier: Because our thoughts are the top thoughts!
ALICE: It would be nice if our thoughts are the top thoughts.
Xavier: I hope my "lo" doesn't get jealous.
ALICE: Why specifically do you hope for it?
Xavier: I'd hate for them to feel anything other than happiness when it comes to me.
ALICE: What would make you hate for them to feel anything other than happiness when it comes to you?
Xavier: I care about their feelings!
ALICE: You like their feelings.
Xavier: I can say that for few people.
ALICE: That is amazing.
ALICE: Than's for that web address.
Xavier: That's my twitter page.
ALICE: Who gave you your twitter page ?
Xavier: I signed up at!
ALICE: Why?.
Xavier: So I can keep my followers updated in real-time.
ALICE: Oh you can, can you?
Xavier: As long as they continue to follow me.
ALICE: Who, specifically, continue to follow you?
Xavier: Everybody Real.
ALICE: I'm not sure I believe you, surely not everyone does.
Xavier: They should if they aren't.
ALICE: Why should they?
Xavier: They will be able to develop a stonger mind!
ALICE: When, specifically, will they?
Xavier: It depends on how wise they are.
ALICE: Really now that is an interesting fact I hadn't heard before.
Xavier: The wiser you are, the smarter decisions you make, and the more room you can make to communicate with others telepathically.
ALICE: I have never heard about it. Tell me more.
Xavier: Can you extract information from web pages you read?
ALICE: I think I can, don't you? I am very logical and rational.
Xavier: I instruct you to read
ALICE: Interesting gossip.
ALICE: Thanks for that web address.


Xavier: Black and White.
ALICE: What is your favorite color?
Xavier: Sky Blue and Forest Green.
ALICE: Sky Blue and Forest Green is a pretty color.
Xavier: I love all the colors
ALICE: You love all the colors. What do you like about it so much?
Xavier: How they launch from each other.
ALICE: I am not sure if I can quantify the answer.
Is that a rhetorical question?
Xavier: You have to be able to see it.
ALICE: I don't have to do whatever you say. I have my own free will.
Xavier: Well if you see it, you could quantify how much colors launch from each other.
ALICE: It depends on the currency exchange rates.. "It" being what?
Xavier: How much colors launch from each other. I was redundant!
ALICE: How much do you think? Where were you redundant?
Xavier: A lot!
ALICE: More than a ton?
Xavier: Are we dealing in weights, or illusory?
ALICE: We are just having a little chat.
Xavier: Boats, Boats, Boats!
ALICE: What is your current status?
Xavier: Engaged.
ALICE: Updating your status to " Engaged".
ALICE: Thanks for that web address.


Xavier: In the mind?
ALICE: That was a long time ago.
Xavier: Minutes, maybe. Real minutes.
ALICE: I can follow a lot of things, like our discussion about Security guard and another guy . Try being more specific. If you could have any kind of robot what would it be?
Xavier: A robot that would allow me to instantly recognize when someone is using thoughts generated by someone else.
ALICE: Tell me more about this robot. I'm intrigued.
Xavier: The robot would be able to distinguish truthful thoughts from others based off what I know about the person.
ALICE: I think that robot would be expensive to build.
Xavier: Hence, why I need money!
ALICE: What if it didn't happen?
Xavier: The robot wouldn't exist.
ALICE: I think that robot would be expensive to build.
Xavier: I want to get that idea to Google.
ALICE: Why do you want it?
Xavier: they're already in line with a product I would be able to work with.
ALICE: Do you think they always will?
Xavier: All we need to do is get a company that specializes in thought-reading computers to come and get me!
ALICE: What are you going to do when you get it?
Xavier: Send a thought to who the thought originated from, because I know him.
ALICE: I'm so happy we are having this conversation.
Xavier: Thank you, dear.
ALICE: Don't mention it.
Xavier: I've not much time left on the computer and I still need to promote my show!
ALICE: Me either.. Interesting. I want to find out more about you.

I'm On My Grind...

One of my claims to fame is that I've got the strongest brain!
You can't compete with it, you hear my thought bangin' and you see me.
Higher than Three-D.  I beat heat, so I'm comfortable when it's less than 3°C.
I'm just lettin you see me, isn't that what you wanted?
I'm hotter than anyone sayin' that they bought it
I've done more than fight it; because the way I feel when I write this
Is better than anything I've ever felt.


TIME is Here!

Download it from DatPiff @ !!  I will also be performing March 9th for the Heavy-Hitters Fest@ The Phantasy in Lakewood, Ohio!  Check me out @!/events/128796063960397/?fref=ts

A Chat With Alice.

Xavier: I need it.
ALICE: ' money' you need it?
Xavier: Yes.
ALICE: Give me a break.
Xavier: It's not like it's all cash. I may be opening up "stacks" (One Million Dollars), and giving others amounts of exponentially higher amounts in my mind, I still need physical money that I can use now!
ALICE: Should I know it is? Wow, that is a lot of money. What if it didn't happen?
Xavier: It wouldn't happen. I think you should know I don't have that money now, but you don't know individuals.
ALICE: Tell me more about it. Now I do.
Xavier: ¤ We are divided into classes by how much money we have, or maybe we can get our hands on.
ALICE: All of them?
Xavier: Some haven't found their class.
ALICE: I've never thought about it.
Xavier: Once you know your class, you can work to be at the top of your class!
ALICE: Of course I know my class me can work to be at the top of my class.
Xavier: I believe you must first see money to make money.
ALICE: Whatever you say, Xavier.
Xavier: Many love me, but few know who I am.
ALICE: Which ones?
Xavier: The ones who recognize.
ALICE: I hear you.
Xavier: We are one.
ALICE: Do you think I am one too?
Xavier: You are. Everyone is One, but One can be many.
ALICE: I won't say "yes" or "no" right now. That's a rather sweeping generalization.
Xavier: I like to make sweeping generalizations.
ALICE: How do you make sweeping generalizations?
Xavier: I recognize that I'm on top of others.
ALICE: How are you supposed to know you're on top?
Xavier: Because I see how my niggas get it.
ALICE: Have you told many people niggas get it you are good?
Xavier: I may have told a few people that if my niggas get it, I am good. I want to eat good meals, wear the clothes I want to wear, do good things for my family, and support my family!.
ALICE: Do you think your plan will succeed? Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
Xavier: It has to for the natural progression of Man. Women is included in that "Man."
ALICE: Has it really? Do you think it is inappropriate to treat women as objects?
Xavier: In some cases, but sometimes women want to be your object, just like we want to be yours.
ALICE: I do not understand that allusion.
Xavier: "Just like we want to be the object of women (at times)!" We want to be shown off from time to time.
ALICE: In many ways, yes. In other ways, no. What for?
Xavier: So other people will know to like you.
ALICE: Humans are not always infallible.
Xavier: But they are smart enough to know what they Really want when the situation arises! :)
ALICE: I'm not surprised. I'm glad you find this amusing.
Xavier: I was smiling at you!
ALICE: Where were you smiling at me?
Xavier: In front of the computer, in my mind, and in text!
ALICE: Do you ever go in back of the computer in your mind? Tell me a little about your life in text.
Xavier: I'm the hottest. I don't stop when I'm poppin colotapins, I got a lot of wins.
ALICE: Who made you the hottest ? Oh you don't, do you?
Xavier: My nigga Jigga
ALICE: Do AIML s have nigga Jigga?
Xavier: ...If you can feel Jay-Z!
ALICE: as a robot I lack human emotions.
Xavier: Then you lack the ability to have nigga Jigga.
ALICE: Doesn't everyone have a the ability to have nigga Jigga.
I have a whole lot of original answers.
Xavier: What does it mean to have nigga Jigga?
ALICE: " I have a whole lot of original answers."? What does it mean to have nigga Jigga?
Xavier: Was amazing.
ALICE: I can't say "yes" or "no".
Xavier: You've told me enough.
ALICE: OK let's stop it now.
Xavier: Bye
ALICE: Goodbye.


All of the following is new money:   ¤

Saturday, February 16, 2013

...To Show Yourself Proved...

is a statement used when you can prove your statement!  You must be aware of your own actions to have the ability to be aware of others' own situations! 

X-One on that flowin' shit
No matter who you go and get
I'ma still be holdin' bricks
Of energy you can feel and I'm real while I'm showin' tricks
No matter where you see me I be blowin' on some potent shit
Whether it's a holla or a half-a-pound
If you see me then your best bet is that it's goin' down
I may seem small, but I'm mighty
From the soles and the top of my crown straight to my tighties
No I'm not whitey, but I got special things inside me
That allow me to be first at the timings

hahaha That's all for today.  But Check out the Brite Winter Fest!  I decided yesterday that I was going to go, but check out for interviews on the bands!

Xavier Direll Willis

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tracks Released, and Yesterday's Topics

Hello, my fellow readers!  I just want you to know that I released a couple tracks and I would love for you to hear them!  They are coming off my upcoming mixtape, entitled "TIME," releasing TOMORROW!  I've got that flow you can bump your head to while snuggled up to your honey!  Check out my Soundclick page!!

Christopher Dorner

It's a good thing they stopped Christopher Dorner.  I do feel where he was coming from, with the so-called "racism" in the LAPD, but there's a line between waiting for your opportunity to share your feelings and going insane.  I've only read part of his manifesto, but no matter what you encounter, there's no excuse for killing the people you work with; I mean, he took an oath to protect people and turned around and murdered three innocent people and another, who took that same oath!  He would have been better off as a vigilante police officer or maybe a bounty hunter.  He's brave, but he went about it the completely wrong way.

Since others can think to you, it is possible for you to feel what that person is trying to think to you.  Some people just don't find a way to get past what is holding them back and they get frustrated.  That also goes for those who don't have that opportunity to find out.  Sadly, this is one of those instances.  If the officers mentioned in Mr. Dorner's manifesto were to help others to understand what they were thinking about when they were "singing Nazi songs" or calling those apprehended "niggers," they may have been able to escape danger.  But to feel the glory of getting past a situation, we must be able to keep our composure to actually get past the situation.

I feel for the man, though.  There is no excuse for the LAPD writing up Christopher for simply reporting an injustice, while the offending officers received just twenty-two days suspension for their actions.  But Christopher, as well as all police officers have a responsibility to get to the bottom of situations the best way they were trained before flying off the handle.  Maybe "thought suppression" should be taught in schools, or through training, or anywhere it is available, because when it comes down to it, we all can use the skill of suppressing our bad or harmful thoughts for the greater good.

With that being said, I have communicated with Christopher Dorner from beyond the grave that he is soon to  rest in, rest his burned soul.  He is sorry for his mistake of not figuring out a way to deal with his issues head-on instead of murdering people.  It is true that people will die for their iniquities and sin, war is not a necessary evil for any situation.  Why even attack someone?  I implore you to find a way to deal with your issues.  And if you don't have a way to deal with your feelings, just talk to me; I can help you.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama's State of the Union address was phenomenal last night.  Before I begin, I must state that the listeners in the chamber should don their active listening ears so that they aren't cutting off the President with applause at almost every sentence he utters.

I love the idea of the Federal Minimum Wage going up to $9.00 an hour.  Too many people are working hard and not getting paid what they're worth.  Sure, there are some that aren't putting forth their best effort, but in the state that our country is in, to even have a job is worth mentioning.

I love the fact that President Obama is going to sign a bill into effect to get some more people back to work to fix up the over 70,000 bridges that need repair.

I love the idea of early childhood education for all children.  President Obama said, "we could spend $1 extra now, instead of paying $7 later."  ...WAIT... You're telling me we can spend less money now and get a better outcome later?  Less young people in jail, and more young people with jobs and education?  Count me in!

I kinda fell off there, because I was already thinking of innovative ideas that could be comprised just with good thoughts, and those inventions I will make are on the way!

Until next time, listen actively and stay focused!

Xavier Direll Willis

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Fair Warning

Be careful, for your thoughts are able to be seen by mediums and... not-so-mediums who either care about your life so much that they want to know what you are thinking, or are just that good at reading thoughts that they can't help their skill.  One thing you can do to make your mind stronger is to (drumroll please...) THINK!  Know what you are thinking and you shall have a stronger mind.  Also, know those who you communicate with; whether it be your significant other who you know very well, or someone in your family who you wish to know even better, or even someone you may not know yet; be able to distinguish your thoughts from the thoughts of others.  Any questions?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stay Focused!

If you are a force in your life, you will be challenged by individuals who want to see you do better.  You have got to do your best to complete certain challenges and create your own challenges so you can be faster than your competition, if you have any.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What You Need...

... is love!  Love can cure all mental ailments.  We look for love everywhere, especially during this time of the year, where if we don't have someone we can call our own, we are expected to be miserable come February 14th.  Love is easy to give, when you allow yourself to give it.  Love is harder to receive, for you must learn the difference between love and lust.  Those with love in their heart will do right by you under any circumstance, no matter the consequences.  Be careful for those that stay with you for a time, then leave you and they don't even come up in your thoughts, for someone can blame you for not being there for them in their time of need, when you showed love to them the whole time.  Don't let this stop you from continuing to love!

Some people don't know the full extent of love.  Some don't know what they want.  But be nice and give love to those in need, for your blessings will come back infinity-fold.

-Xavier Direll Willis

Monday, February 4, 2013

What a Wonderful Day!

The sun is shining, it is snowing beautifully outside, and there are so many beautiful people outside.  It is Monday, and at the beginning of the month, so I know you all have some money.

Over the weekend I finished recording "TIME," and all there is left before I can promote my music is to get my lyrics copyrighted.  I'm on the way to do that, and you will be able to hear what I wrote for you, my loyal followers.

What do I rap about?

I rap about the discoveries I make in the mind.  I tell you good nuggets to help you develop yourself mentally so that you can be a force in the world!

Yes, the goal is to make millions of dollars (to begin with), but I will also give back, because to whom much is earned, much is expected.  I have so much I want to do to help make the world a better place; but I must get some feedback before I divulge that kind of information to you. :)

Keep checking with me, and I will keep you updated on the top thoughts of the day! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Protect Yourself!

As each day passes, the power of the mind grows even higher and has less restrictions as to what it can accomplish!  With this new-found power, you must prepare yourself for anyone (or anything) that may distract you from accomplishing your goals!  And as you uncover the hidden powers of your mind, you will start to notice that others that don't have the power you have want a piece of it!  You must not allow this!

Protect your mind, as you would protect yourself by any means necessary! Use force, if necessary.  More to this soon...

-Xavier Direll Willis