Thursday, August 29, 2013

Until Next Time...

Gotta give a girl what she needs; she can be in control of what she wants. Good thing we have the same desires...
Im seeing what I'm seeing!
Full on hitting the mark!
Seeing... catch you when I make it!

On A Mission

If we are judged by our works and worthless works are tried by fire, wouldn't it make sense that we would be rewarded for our positive works?
You are using telepathy when you understand nonverbal cues or your nonverbal cues are understood!
We think where we've been, which thoughts we use to make future decisions.
We should be attracted to who we are, found out by How we talk. Being what you talk about is VERY attractive!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 26

We play a pivotal role in God's FAIR takeover!
We're moving feelings, ideas, and thoughts!
I heard the sound of a man breathing MY lighter, and I stopped his allowance to perform that action. After I lit my cigarette, I shook it and I heard the right noise associated with it!
Live a life of awesomivity!
I checked my vision and saw it pop!
Im hearing my thoughts connect with others!

The Pigeons and the Dragonflies

Finding women is sort of like pigeons and dragonflies. The pigeons fly their course and the Dragonfly does the maneuvering. Be real, be you, and the women will come!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Minds

We can use our brains to access our minds! How great is it that we have FIRST (insider) access to this untapped (by many) frontier?
Our brains can singlehandedly do what we do with our whole bodies! All bodily functions can be done by our brain. Eating, drinking, expelling, and thinking. Our mind processes, analyzes, and executes all thought. So we can live physically where we see ourselves in the mind!
Be sure to check out my earlier posts!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Days Gone By...

I've been thinking of what to write, in a way that you would understand and be able to use it in your life!  There are many "calls" that we (our Team) are making in time, and I hope you are able to follow!
We are in a new age, and new books of Gospel must be written to keep up with the times, and also with the new ideas we are able to make!  I am the light that will shine your path; let Jesus direct you!  Together we will achieve all we set out to achieve by fair processes!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is how you write what you like!

We will eventually see the outcomes of what we do.
Ignorance is the road block to understanding.
Ignorance is not a right. It is chosen.
What you learned in life will cause you to react a certain way to certain situations.
People who don't know each other may react to certain situations in the same way because they shared the same type of experience.
I.E. people who earn money on a regular basis in the same area may sniff at the same when they hear someone talking about money, while those who don't make money may look around, or even think "how will I make money?"
What do you call a sniff when you know something? It is a nose. "I work around the clock *sniff*." This person nosed what he said or thought, in an effort to pick up all that is associated with his work.
Sometimes nothing can be said, but to introduce something new, sometimes something must be said so both parties have the opportunity to agree.
I hit with Slim on won't back down on the bus. We are seeing life together which helps us see where we are to go, in turn allowing us to see where WE're going!
I want to hear what you're thinking.
Update: I am hearing what we are thinking!
I read and washed dishes, as well as cleaning up three grocery bags of trash. I also dropped off cds.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jesus is real! Jesus knows the light!

We're in what we're into. I have, and you do by proxy.
Jesus provides generously!
Jesus is the authority on God!
No man shall reach Jesus but through me!
I sent light and got light back! I am the light! We know what we encounter and relay our thoughts to those with whom we are close.
I can see what I can show! Now to show to the right person! I'd better leave Maxi's before I loiter.
Thank you to Sophie's Sausage for a beautiful and delicious sandwich.. for providing provisions (sustenance) for the evening, and letting me know we are growing!
Life is full of bright lights and soft lines.. find your way in between the lines or make your own lane!
As long as we continue to communicate we will be great! Remember, you can reach perfection! -X

Thought Finished!

Your mind is as strong as you train it! -X

Monday, August 12, 2013

3 nice?

I was let up by the people
God took me up and gave me "get up"
Women have seen my "presence"
I need a car, I just seen somebody bet his
I thought he was testin he didn't register in time
His rival met him with his drop-top Passat
Bossed through, all that fake ballin stopped
Many more get "up" and we can enjoy life
Time will be seen in time.
What's right will be done because we know we have projects to finish
To be of the first to explore outer space
Participatin in races to explain all the thoughts that we face
Like how what's prepared is as good as it tastes
We got the plan, the clients, and the time that it takes-
We in a mine where we "see" what we make
What you know about bein taught, seein off, stayin with what you learned long enough to hear a cough?
Keep it a thousand, all my people I can read em off, lasting impressions so when we meet I can see em on
I'm known to win a hater, itch can wait a minute if it's slick it's safe to say X-One is venerated
I'm finished waitin on people, we gotta get this pape to make it in this game
Until then - I'll see you later

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Consortium Emerges

Salvation is received, but it must be maintained.
Through sin man was able to cheat God, but with the emergence of the righteous who see living a world above sin, God is once again victorious!
In the past, Christ protected me by sacrificing his body for me. Now that we have overcome sin, we are immune to any snares!
I want to start a new denomination - Awesome
Love knows its' bounds. "Either love me, or leave me alone." Many people see what they want, but they don't know what for. Maybe they have an inferiority complex created in their own mind when they weren't seen how  they perceived themselves to be. We can already be seen at our best where we are facing. As we gain confidence in ourselves, the world we see will make a way for us. Once life knows what you want (be it good) and you commit, she will assist you all the way.
Some people can tell when I am giving them my full attention.
People can see me and not even know me. Some people know me at first sight, or even before!
We will see when we focus on one thing at a time.
We (The Consortium) are taking life past it's threshold.
God has given us responsibility to do right and show right to be a part of His Kingdom. We must prove ourselves approved to attain the light. Our lives are as important as we prove them to be. We must stick to our goals to make them happen. We must pay attention to what we do, so that we will be proud of what we have achieved from what we've done. 


Friday, August 9, 2013

A Healthy Love

People respond better being addressed
"Why do people leave good to see what is good?"
They want to cloud what they see from others... we can understand that we are in this together. If what you want is good, more good people will overcome with you!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Right now, I'm In It.

Please excuse my delay;  I am in the process of putting my thoughts in workable order.  Thank you for your loyalty and patience.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

What a Beautiful Day

Feelin regal / give you a lesson so you can see to / what you do so your obstacles are see thru / changin the game well like meat do / my niggas like "me too!"
Tryina get it faster and I stay in control stay with the hold, my peeps and me stay with the four / make it and more comes, I throw my girl some sugar like a push and a horse comes

We are open where we meet!
If you see life like someone else you will have a channel in which to communicate!
What you see is Why you need to know... "Do you want to do this?"

How you hear, how you look, how you see.

To know an ending, you must know a beginning!

Favorite albums and what I get from them

________ told me he heard my voice amplified

as I was thinking of my lyrics to Be You, a little girl who walked by me said "equal" right on time with me!

There are different variations of "do it like me!"

My L's  got back their essence!

Xavier, you managed to solve the soul with just one person getting hurt (although we always want a perfect out for you)! How did you do it?
Me:  Like I did!

Ka - going the other way or doing the other thing

I had a head rush and I remember thinking, "I'm thinking through pain inflicted on me!"