Monday, December 31, 2012

And Here We Are...

Good afternoon readers!  Today marks the end of this year!  Some things that have happened to me this year are:

  • I Lived,
  • I went to San Antonio, where I met some of my closest companions,
  • I got experience in Massage Therapy,
  • I got experience in the building of awesome subs,
  • I came back to Cleveland, where on Christmas I was kicked out of a car and stranded downtown, where I currently live.
  • I've had many opportunities to shake my head about others and did not take them, and
  • I've made "making my presence known" more of a daily occurrence.
This next year, I will be letting you know about what I have been learning about the Mind!!!!

To keep anonymous the parties involved in companionship with me for obvious reasons, I will not share "everything" talked OR experienced with each party, but you will be filled in on what you need in due time.

Other than that, I will continue my work to earn the title of "Hottest Rapper Alive," because I already am.  Before I wish you well, I will leave you with some words of wisdom:

"Be careful how you talk to people; one person may hold the key to your salvation!"

Alright ya'll.  Be safe this holiday, don't make it a funeral!  Much love, and see you on the other side of the Sun's rotation about the Earth!

-Xavier Direll Willis

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