Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today is a Good Day!

December 22, 2012... think about that day for a moment.

Think of a day where trees sing, birds walk, squirrels burst with energy, and even the skunks don't stink.

Now return to your current state.  You are filled with energy too, and the people you know want to experience you at your very Best!

(Usually, when you read capitalized words in my writing, it is because I am putting emphasis on that word, as I would if I were speaking to you, or they are Proper in their parts of speech. 
There's nothing wrong with a writer developing their writing style!)

I just ran into two people wearing Rocawaear coats and jackets.  I checked it out, and, as I saw him turn to check his surroundings, I felt myself checking my surroundings at the same time!  I am excited that I "met" at the right time, and that I am not one of those who feel the need to be accepted by Roc Nation.  Either you associate yourself with us or you don't!

As I look back at this week, it's gotten better along the way.  I was Homeless and Phoneless, remember?!  I went home the next morning.  It's better to be home than to live in a shelter, believe me.  I had an old OP that my great Aunt gave me, so I'll at least be able to keep in touch with those with whom I need to communicate via voice with, AND I found my iPod Touch, so I have SOME music I can listen to.. I'm bumping "The Blueprint III," "Tha Carter IV," and "Take Care."  I'll meet them, don't worry.

I also listen to some books on tape; self-help books, lectures, and other educational material.
I do need to go though, because I am off to enjoy the rest of my day/evening!


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