Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What We Need

Hello, everyone.  I hope you are having a beautiful day, taking life by its' chargers and riding on the beautiful journey you have in front of you.

I want to talk about some of the most recent current events (i.e. Newtown Shooting, the shooting after the high-speed chase through Cleveland, Aurora shooting, and WV shooting), but I don't know where to begin.  It's not so much about the events themselves that I want to talk about, but rather the state of mind each assailant was in that led them to the deplorable actions they committed in this great country called the United States of America.  We are in a country where capitalism reigns supreme; where we are to go out and chase that dollar, and make that dollar into more dollars, THEN go somewhere and spend those dollars.  Me myself, I yearn to earn, but my hustle has been held down for so long, it isn't held down anymore.  Back to the topic-at-hand...

Most of the assailants of the past few massacres are said to have had a mental illness, and they are supposed to be taking medication to keep the chemicals in their brains balanced.  But how can a brain be balanced when all you know about a person is what they tell you?  The mind is like the rest of the human body; one faces consequences (good and bad) from what they think, and from one way they react to certain language (or even someone else's body language) can very well tell that person's future -- that is, to say that if you say something to someone and they react in a certain way, it is safe to assume that that person may react the same way to the same type of information given to them at a later date, unless that person is adept enough to adapt to what the next situation may be.

This means we have an opportunity to find out what has to be said in order for someone to react a certain way (thus proving "how" someone is in any given situation) in a certain place, in a certain time.  This is a group effort.  If you keep telling someone they are not going to amount to anything in life, that person is going to succeed because they did not believe what these people told them, or they will fail because they believed that they would not amount to anything.  Either way, when it is "test time," that person will react in a certain way, either moving closer to or farther away from achieving their goal, and if that person rubs their chin, wipes above their brow, scratches their head, brushes the "dirt off their shoulder," grabs in their genital region, or doesn't even bat an eye, no matter which one of these (or those not mentioned) nonverbal cues that person does, means something specific.

With this information, we will be able to tell what someone is thinking, because they would broadcast that thought out "Somewhere."  I would get upset if someone told me that they couldn't hear my thoughts, when I hear my thought patterns being thought out almost on a daily basis; but I can think positively and figure out new ways to get people to believe me, and that may be by proving what I do, day in and day out.  I have time to get better, trust me.  Until then, think about this:

People have been cut open all throughout life (by people in the medical profession) to stay healthy, but in the profession of psychology and psychiatry, there have not been many breakthroughs... can anyone tell me why?  Tell me why the best solution they can come up with for someone with a mental illness is to have them take medication for the rest of their life?  That just doesn't sit well with me, because I can talk to someone and have them reverse the harm they would cause to themselves or others without the use of medication.  If you can too, let me know.. but until then, think your Best!


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