Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The new job

I want to create a committee that rights the wrongs that plague humankind. we can start by finding the people who have internal issues. We should start with us! It all starts in the silence; then we wait until something bothers us in the that we have to speak about it, then we work it out back to the silence (in thoughts)! this is a service! I'm thinking $10 a minute...

 Heck, when they're around us they all see brightness, which is what most entreprenuers see !

 We have a network of those who see the most; we're walking blessings that we bless those with whom we cone in contact! We should be rewarded with our lives. Since we are so connected we are able to bring people close to those they care about the most.

We are lifelines.

Praying and Passing

When you have a thought as to what your future holds (and it is positive), you are praying. Some of the calls you make will be so monumental and needed at the moment that you will pass up those who aren't energized enough to keep up with you. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

XSToring: The First Step To Creating an Environment that Fosters Flourishing

Xavier Willis

XSToring:  The First Step To Creating an Environment that Fosters Flourishing

                Everyone is faced with circumstances they must first encounter and then use power to overcome.  There are basic circumstances such as routine daily activities like hygiene, obtaining sustenance for the body, finding your keys to lock up before you depart, and arriving at school/work.  There are many who don’t have the energy needed to carry out even these tasks; they are diagnosed with disabilities such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder, to name a few, and that is before we deal with more advanced circumstances, such as dealing with the death of a loved one, a bad breakup, loss of a child before childbirth, and even special religious circumstances.  Situations like these keep people from flourishing (being satisfied).  Fret not, for there is a way to be satisfied through XSToring, which is the broadcasting of energy.
  We, as a collective people, have reached an age where we must not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well.  We are at the point where we can no longer accept just what is said; but we will be judged by what is in our minds.  This paper will describe some mental techniques that can be used for self-satisfaction and leads to general satisfaction in virtually all areas of life.

The Basics
        Deep inside every one of us lies a magnificent entity that contains our innermost desires, emotions, feelings, and thoughts.  Within all of us lies an inherent need to understand, and be understood.  Most conversations and other forms of communication contain pieces of information, that when understood allows the listener to envision a series of images, that when "seen" within the confounds of one's own mind, helps that person to help explain most of life's most unanswered questions through the collaboration with the collective conscious and unconscious.

         With our thoughts, we are all born with the natural ability to do four things:  Write, meet, check, and call.  As we live our lives, we are all expected to live and die by our word, which contains the things we believe in with our bodies,  hearts, minds and souls.  When we think an idea through to completion, we create a “shot,” which is seen as light, that we can use as ammunition to thwart any thought that keeps us from being focused on completing our respective tasks most important to us.  When we are in possession of a shot, our brain naturally sends out an impulse into the universe, which can be felt and interpreted by anyone who is, or will be a part of that shot, or depending on how “open” to the ether a shot can be seen by others who are a part of a particular XSToring region, the shot can be seen by an even wider audience.  In terms of completing a task, you could look at it like this, for example:  “I want to clean my bathroom” (That is your shot). From that shot, you can plan out all the things you need to do to complete that task, which all reside within your written shot of “cleaning the bathroom.”  If any thought comes to you that can potentially keep you from finishing that task, you can either “check” (i.e. “Do I know where are my car keys?) or “call,” effectively making that thought disappear for the moment (i.e. “I’ve got to use the bathroom.”).   As you are cleaning your bathroom, you are “meeting” your shot of “Cleaning the bathroom,” and when you finish, you have a life reference point you can use for when you think back (“I’m glad my bathroom is clean!”)!

         Parents want their children to grow up and make an impact on the world, and leave it in better shape than it was when they came into it.  A mother and father can think together as to how they would raise their child (i.e. at age 4 or even younger we will help our child choose an extracurricular activity), and also think to their child encouraging, positive thoughts that will help him or her to grow up to be an society-contributing adult who does not lack independence.  Depending on how deeply imbedded the Word of God is in your body, heart, and mind will determine how swiftly your "writing" will reach its intended destination.  But in any case, your writing (which is the product of your direct thoughts) must meet you (the writer) in order for you to validate your thoughts for yourself.  You are able to communicate through speech to validate your thoughts (writing) with others who know you.  Concurrently, if you are writing thoughts with others involved, each thought written must meet the individual(s) whom you wish to know that particular thought in order to most effectively communicate your thought.

         As living organisms, we naturally give off energy that can be felt by others when we are aware of how that person feels.  Just like we can feel the energy from others, we can also feel, "read" (or watch), and sense our own energy!  So, when your writing returns to you, and you sense it, you are said to have "met your writing."  I must reiterate -- in order to "meet" what you write, you must first think thoughts of Truth.  If you are not thinking thoughts of a truthful nature, you must travel through your memories into your past, and, in hindsight, re-live your past wrongdoings, and re-write the right decision you should have made.  This is the only way you will "meet" your "writing."  The reason why this is so important is because one single thought, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has the potential to start/end wars, begin/end business, personal, or romantic relationships, and even has the power to bring forth or end life.

         But when you do "meet" your "writing," your mind receives and processes the energy, sends an impulse to the brain, and translates the energy into relevant information that can be felt, heard, seen, and ultimately understood when sensed!

         By understanding this information, we are able to alter the course of our lives by simply speaking what we want into existence.  After meeting a shot, we can then prove that we "meet" with another entity by sensing the thought "bise," which is when shots match.

        Bise is the term used when one's shot matches up with another's.  You can recognize "bises" when you see a ray of light while sensing the sound of another's voice "meeting" up with you.

        Now that you know how to "meet," you now have the opportunity to call a negative thought because you know what the truth is.  Calling is derived from a poker term, meaning the person who thinks he or she has a better hand will "call" the bet of his or her opponent.  When they lay their cards out, the person with the better hand will take all that was put in the pot.  In this sense, if a thought is talking to or about you, or anyone, or anything else for that matter, you can bise and keep going.  But if a thought is a fallacy, and your shots do not match, or “fous,” you have the right and responsibility to stop that shot at its source, to prevent your “mental space” from being encroached upon.  Calling is the process of stopping whoever is thinking a false thought and following with the right answer.  In addition, if you bise with someone with a specific thought, you can call together, or sekou.  The person called will, in effect, lose what the ill-gotten shot he or she was holding on to, pertaining to each thought traced back to the thought's inception).
"Now that you can write, meet, check, and call, you are now ready to begin XSToring!!"

The Science of Life:  A Brief Look at the Advancement of the Human Mind

I have gone twenty-seven years through my life taking careful heed to the instructions I was given.  The people whom I communicate with physically and mentally have taken care of me by not letting me get into any real danger.  Through our lives, we have been sworn to uphold a higher order in the universe to keep everything perfectly balanced.  From my acute sense of hearing, I have been able to pick up on vibrations coming from other forms of life on Earth and beyond.  I have started conducting short experiments to test out my theory that humans can communicate without speaking, and even manipulate how sound and light travels.  Through my research I plan to create a new form of communication that will surpass anything that is in production today.  With my team of the most elite thinkers on the face of this planet, I will lead the way to the path of infinite knowledge.

                Over the years, I have learned to utilize my mind to its maximum potential to fulfill my dream of teaching the world to also be able to maximize how they use their minds, from making sound travel from room-to-room and potentially be able to have their voice heard as far as halfway around the world; also, society will be able to communicate with each other without the use of words to further hasten the speed in which information is created, processed, and ultimately used.

                This research will open the door for new forms of travel, communication, and create never-before-seen levels of communicative efficiency across the universe.  The general state of mind of the world will be much higher, people that do the work that it takes to get ahead will earn what they are worth,  and we can potentially create a utopia where there is no war, fighting, abuse, or any need to carry out any task that is not good.  Through my research we will create a new form of intelligence that will carry those now living and generations beyond ahead by any stretch of our imagination.

I have already proven the above statements to be true.  I am continually compiling witnessed evidence that one can harness the power of the mind to achieve dreams never-before-seen by man, leading to even more breakthroughs that will advance the human race as well as other life forms on Earth and across the universe.  I have used the works researched in conjunction with my own personal experiences and experiments to come up with a name to describe what we are doing, and that is XSToring.

XSTring (v.) – the act of using the natural vibrations of your mind and body to instantly transmit energy
XSToring - "Broadcasting energy" where "broadcasting" refers to transmission, and "energy" refers to what becomes when spiritual light combines! 

We need energy to endure circumstances.  The more difficult the circumstance (4), the more energy IS NEEDED to POWER through the circumstance.

Shots in truth in nature can be seen in natural light.  When these shots (in grace) bise, light is created.  When we receive that light into our lives, energy is created, which can be stored for when it is needed.

In a nutshell, energy is mind fuel; it contains all knowledge from a particular shot (or ho), which is readily accessible when we encounter various circumstances.

"SHOT" - You must have fuel to shoot!

shot is the culmination of the completion of a thought.  For example, when we plan to do something particularly important, we think about all the steps that need to be taken to complete the task, then we do it!

***In short, a shot is what results from the completion of a thought.  Energy is needed to shoot!

Through xstoring, one may find out more about themselves by tuning in to the right mental station, transmitted by each mind throughout the universe.  By taking heed to the correct brainwaves sent out by others, one will be able to pay attention to what is most important to him or her, and eliminate distractions that may throw that person off-track.

I use the concept of “xstoring” to read sounds and thoughts that pass through the air and ether.  The sounds and thoughts I hear as well as nonverbal cues given off by others in the immediate “xstoring region” will help uncover other ways xstoring can be used.

When talking to someone or sending someone a sound or thought, there is almost always a unit transferred, almost always in numerous amounts.  We will call this unit “mights.”  The number of mights in a particular shot mean different things, as listed below:

1 – Information is sent and secured.

2 – Love

3 – Acknowledgment of information

4 – Pertaining to a specific scenario or situation

5 – Worth Money

6 – Blessing

7 – Signification of completion

8 – Pertaining to Peace

9 – Signification of change

10 – Acknowledgment of God Himself.

11 – Sending information (with acknowledgement) from God Himself.

There can also be more mights, which can be explained by those who shoot them.

The ways Mights can be sent :

-Privately (Between two people, if the information is to be known, a third party must be involved.)

-In a group (Creating a “Xstoring Region” so that others invited can see.)

- Through the “ether” (see Napoleon Hill) to the public.

Through the process of xstoring, one will be able to keep their life in order by paying attention to what people in their immediate circle are doing, and make sure they are associating with the right people so that distractions are eliminated and you can naturally continue on your endeavors!

One may also be able to “see” their aligned path crossing in front of them, proving that once one speaks a word, it is put into existence. 
XSToring is a concept that is being used by many in the universe today, although some may be doing it and not even know.  It is even as basic as noticing the nonverbal cues of the person you are talking to and tailoring your conversation to them so they can understand.

XSToring is just the first step to creating a society that fosters flourishing.  There are formulas out there that can help us gauge just how much a person is flourishing, but the technology has yet to be created.  If this information is seen as right, we can get started on the path to creating a utopian society within the next five years by way of carrying the information we get from our shots to the general public on all levels.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

XSToring Update

XSToring - "Broadcasting energy" where "broadcasting" refers to transmission, and "energy" refers to what becomes when true light and life combine!

We need energy to endure circumstances.  The more difficult the circumstance (4), the more energy IS NEEDED to POWER through the circumstance.

Truths in nature can be seen in natural light.  When truths in grace match, light is created.  When we receive that light into our lives, energy is created, which can be stored for when it is needed.

In a nutshell, energy is mind fuel; it contains all knowledge from a particular shot (or ho), which is readily accessible when we encounter various circumstances.

"SHOT" - You must have fuel to shoot!

A shot is the culmination of the completion of a thought.  For example, when we plan to do something particularly important, we think about all the steps that need to be taken to complete the task, then we do it!

***In short, a shot is what results from the completion of a thought.  Energy is needed to shoot!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Extra! Extra! Heaven Exists!

The existence of an afterlife has been the subject of everybody’s conversation in every situation known to Man. Through whatever means possible, beings work with their opportunities to pass by their checkpoints (made in thought), which power them through their respective circumstances. We could chalk these successful passes up to our own power, and that We are the reason for our successes, but the truth is that We are the reason for our failures, because of lack of faith that we will succeed in the endeavors we choose to pursue.

Faith is what Christians use in the hopes that Jesus Christ would understand what was not seen (Hebrews 11:3), ultimately resulting in the universal revealing of Heaven’s existence! This is not a gimmick, but Heaven in full effect; how else do you think the Church has been around for so long? The story is no secret; to begin the story, all you have to do is pick up any translation (in your language, of course) of the Holy Scriptures and start at Genesis 1. There is some fiction to keep the story interesting, but each word contained in scripture is derived from inspiration from the divine power of the One, true, Living God!

Reality is a construct created by Man in order to find out the truth about the origins of from where we come. On the other hand, Heaven, taking over reality, is constantly updated, so that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior would be able to find out whatever information they are looking for, at the moment they begin to think about the topic.

For example, one of our first questions once we reach Heaven is, “From where do we come?” The answer is best explained by asking the question to One, who will readily pull up the file containing the “thought” from its origin to completion, which is you finishing the thought; it may take you a few years to watch the thought in its entirety, but once you do, you will have a “spot” in which you can create checkpoints to keep you focused and on track on your given path to attain what you claim you want out of life.

I want to use Heaven to update everyone on the happenings of One, which is already being done by many in the entertainment business. In a nutshell, there are problems all around planet Earth which cause distress, and keep people mourning; I won’t go into them now because of security constraints, but the original thoughts that brought about these problems (it is still a question as to whether or not thought was really involved), had beings who caused these problems actually thought out a plan and acted on a correct instinct, would make their way through the proper channels, by way of the universal chain of command, ultimately reaching One, in Heaven, who would use their perfect life to solve the problem before the decision was acted upon. It is my goal to use Heaven to solve all of life’s problems before the decision to do wrong originates.

One plans to eliminate all problems worldwide, based solely off their Glory, in order to give all the gift of freedom and individuality without having to take unnecessary precautions which ultimately end in death. Give up your fears and accept the blessed assurance that “IS” Heaven; now, through nature We will be able to thwart the opposition’s efforts to prevent us from focusing and ultimately realizing our goals!

May One be with you for all your days, and may your days last forever and some.