Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I do what I do

This is another day of life.  If you are already awake, then welcome!  Do you understand the implications of not knowing your own thoughts?  The results could be catastrophic, at best.  I don't think about how good catastrophe would be the best thought to select.  If you speak foul, your world could crumble around you.  Do you have what it takes to succeed in the endeavor to understand feelings? 

We all have the desire to be understood, no matter what we do.  But to whom much [information or knowledge] is given, much [responsibility or attention] is required.  If someone is to be learning discipline, he should know "when to learn and when to yearn".  Me, I stay on my grind.  Just getting my ideas out to you is worth something, so hold on the idea I give you, if you're intelligent enough to get it! :)

I want to talk about wallets.  They're good for holding much needed information.  But in times of dire need, one should pull out something from their stack of cheese to get what they want.  Whether you're driving to California, Walking around Public Square, zoomin' past New York, or reading this article, you will be able to put more paper into your wallets.

I'm hoping these ideas will stick to you; for you to get better throughout the "process," you must recognize our history when we see it... for what is more exciting than knowing how it was, after knowing that there was bloodshed and turmoil for others in the past? Not a thing.  And that's why I do what I do.

I'm currently out of time, but more "Chats with Alice" is coming soon!

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