Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What You Need...

... is love!  Love can cure all mental ailments.  We look for love everywhere, especially during this time of the year, where if we don't have someone we can call our own, we are expected to be miserable come February 14th.  Love is easy to give, when you allow yourself to give it.  Love is harder to receive, for you must learn the difference between love and lust.  Those with love in their heart will do right by you under any circumstance, no matter the consequences.  Be careful for those that stay with you for a time, then leave you and they don't even come up in your thoughts, for someone can blame you for not being there for them in their time of need, when you showed love to them the whole time.  Don't let this stop you from continuing to love!

Some people don't know the full extent of love.  Some don't know what they want.  But be nice and give love to those in need, for your blessings will come back infinity-fold.

-Xavier Direll Willis

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