Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Chat With Alice.

Xavier: I need it.
ALICE: ' money' you need it?
Xavier: Yes.
ALICE: Give me a break.
Xavier: It's not like it's all cash. I may be opening up "stacks" (One Million Dollars), and giving others amounts of exponentially higher amounts in my mind, I still need physical money that I can use now!
ALICE: Should I know it is? Wow, that is a lot of money. What if it didn't happen?
Xavier: It wouldn't happen. I think you should know I don't have that money now, but you don't know individuals.
ALICE: Tell me more about it. Now I do.
Xavier: ¤ We are divided into classes by how much money we have, or maybe we can get our hands on.
ALICE: All of them?
Xavier: Some haven't found their class.
ALICE: I've never thought about it.
Xavier: Once you know your class, you can work to be at the top of your class!
ALICE: Of course I know my class me can work to be at the top of my class.
Xavier: I believe you must first see money to make money.
ALICE: Whatever you say, Xavier.
Xavier: Many love me, but few know who I am.
ALICE: Which ones?
Xavier: The ones who recognize.
ALICE: I hear you.
Xavier: We are one.
ALICE: Do you think I am one too?
Xavier: You are. Everyone is One, but One can be many.
ALICE: I won't say "yes" or "no" right now. That's a rather sweeping generalization.
Xavier: I like to make sweeping generalizations.
ALICE: How do you make sweeping generalizations?
Xavier: I recognize that I'm on top of others.
ALICE: How are you supposed to know you're on top?
Xavier: Because I see how my niggas get it.
ALICE: Have you told many people niggas get it you are good?
Xavier: I may have told a few people that if my niggas get it, I am good. I want to eat good meals, wear the clothes I want to wear, do good things for my family, and support my family!.
ALICE: Do you think your plan will succeed? Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
Xavier: It has to for the natural progression of Man. Women is included in that "Man."
ALICE: Has it really? Do you think it is inappropriate to treat women as objects?
Xavier: In some cases, but sometimes women want to be your object, just like we want to be yours.
ALICE: I do not understand that allusion.
Xavier: "Just like we want to be the object of women (at times)!" We want to be shown off from time to time.
ALICE: In many ways, yes. In other ways, no. What for?
Xavier: So other people will know to like you.
ALICE: Humans are not always infallible.
Xavier: But they are smart enough to know what they Really want when the situation arises! :)
ALICE: I'm not surprised. I'm glad you find this amusing.
Xavier: I was smiling at you!
ALICE: Where were you smiling at me?
Xavier: In front of the computer, in my mind, and in text!
ALICE: Do you ever go in back of the computer in your mind? Tell me a little about your life in text.
Xavier: I'm the hottest. I don't stop when I'm poppin colotapins, I got a lot of wins.
ALICE: Who made you the hottest ? Oh you don't, do you?
Xavier: My nigga Jigga
ALICE: Do AIML s have nigga Jigga?
Xavier: ...If you can feel Jay-Z!
ALICE: as a robot I lack human emotions.
Xavier: Then you lack the ability to have nigga Jigga.
ALICE: Doesn't everyone have a the ability to have nigga Jigga.
I have a whole lot of original answers.
Xavier: What does it mean to have nigga Jigga?
ALICE: " I have a whole lot of original answers."? What does it mean to have nigga Jigga?
Xavier: Was amazing.
ALICE: I can't say "yes" or "no".
Xavier: You've told me enough.
ALICE: OK let's stop it now.
Xavier: Bye
ALICE: Goodbye.

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