Saturday, February 16, 2013

...To Show Yourself Proved...

is a statement used when you can prove your statement!  You must be aware of your own actions to have the ability to be aware of others' own situations! 

X-One on that flowin' shit
No matter who you go and get
I'ma still be holdin' bricks
Of energy you can feel and I'm real while I'm showin' tricks
No matter where you see me I be blowin' on some potent shit
Whether it's a holla or a half-a-pound
If you see me then your best bet is that it's goin' down
I may seem small, but I'm mighty
From the soles and the top of my crown straight to my tighties
No I'm not whitey, but I got special things inside me
That allow me to be first at the timings

hahaha That's all for today.  But Check out the Brite Winter Fest!  I decided yesterday that I was going to go, but check out for interviews on the bands!

Xavier Direll Willis

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