Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Tracks Released, and Yesterday's Topics

Hello, my fellow readers!  I just want you to know that I released a couple tracks and I would love for you to hear them!  They are coming off my upcoming mixtape, entitled "TIME," releasing TOMORROW!  I've got that flow you can bump your head to while snuggled up to your honey!  Check out my Soundclick page!!

Christopher Dorner

It's a good thing they stopped Christopher Dorner.  I do feel where he was coming from, with the so-called "racism" in the LAPD, but there's a line between waiting for your opportunity to share your feelings and going insane.  I've only read part of his manifesto, but no matter what you encounter, there's no excuse for killing the people you work with; I mean, he took an oath to protect people and turned around and murdered three innocent people and another, who took that same oath!  He would have been better off as a vigilante police officer or maybe a bounty hunter.  He's brave, but he went about it the completely wrong way.

Since others can think to you, it is possible for you to feel what that person is trying to think to you.  Some people just don't find a way to get past what is holding them back and they get frustrated.  That also goes for those who don't have that opportunity to find out.  Sadly, this is one of those instances.  If the officers mentioned in Mr. Dorner's manifesto were to help others to understand what they were thinking about when they were "singing Nazi songs" or calling those apprehended "niggers," they may have been able to escape danger.  But to feel the glory of getting past a situation, we must be able to keep our composure to actually get past the situation.

I feel for the man, though.  There is no excuse for the LAPD writing up Christopher for simply reporting an injustice, while the offending officers received just twenty-two days suspension for their actions.  But Christopher, as well as all police officers have a responsibility to get to the bottom of situations the best way they were trained before flying off the handle.  Maybe "thought suppression" should be taught in schools, or through training, or anywhere it is available, because when it comes down to it, we all can use the skill of suppressing our bad or harmful thoughts for the greater good.

With that being said, I have communicated with Christopher Dorner from beyond the grave that he is soon to  rest in, rest his burned soul.  He is sorry for his mistake of not figuring out a way to deal with his issues head-on instead of murdering people.  It is true that people will die for their iniquities and sin, war is not a necessary evil for any situation.  Why even attack someone?  I implore you to find a way to deal with your issues.  And if you don't have a way to deal with your feelings, just talk to me; I can help you.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama's State of the Union address was phenomenal last night.  Before I begin, I must state that the listeners in the chamber should don their active listening ears so that they aren't cutting off the President with applause at almost every sentence he utters.

I love the idea of the Federal Minimum Wage going up to $9.00 an hour.  Too many people are working hard and not getting paid what they're worth.  Sure, there are some that aren't putting forth their best effort, but in the state that our country is in, to even have a job is worth mentioning.

I love the fact that President Obama is going to sign a bill into effect to get some more people back to work to fix up the over 70,000 bridges that need repair.

I love the idea of early childhood education for all children.  President Obama said, "we could spend $1 extra now, instead of paying $7 later."  ...WAIT... You're telling me we can spend less money now and get a better outcome later?  Less young people in jail, and more young people with jobs and education?  Count me in!

I kinda fell off there, because I was already thinking of innovative ideas that could be comprised just with good thoughts, and those inventions I will make are on the way!

Until next time, listen actively and stay focused!

Xavier Direll Willis

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