Monday, January 28, 2013

X-One Press Release

A New Rapper Emerges
In these times, the music genre of rap has completely changed, with rappers talking about the women they have, the luxuries they possess, and how they are better than others; but how many rappers are there that talk about how they got to the place they are today? Today, that rapper exists – he is from Cleveland, Ohio, and he talks about many issues that currently exist. Xavier Direll “X-One”Willis is this rapper. He has reached the next level in human evolution, which is the growth of the human mind.
“X-One”has been recording raps since 2009, and he shows no signs of stopping in the near future. “I want to tell others that there is more to life than just relationships, money, and status. Although I want those things, I achieved success mentally before those things came,” the rapper states. He has a smooth flow, where he ties in important maxims to live by, such as “I gotta come back to the house with more money than I left with,” and “Before you go somewhere new, remember that you were the same before the place you go to.” Xavier has the type of flow that you can bounce your head to while listening, allowing the listener to relax and “get in their zone,” as he describes it.
When asked who his influences are, Xavier responds, “Jay-Z is my number one inspiration to rap. I started listening to him around 2000, when his latest album was ‘Dynasty Roc La Familia.’ Just listening to his idea of ‘crew love,’realness, and living life contrary to those who want to hold him down really spoke to me. Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj are very dear to me; I would lay my life on the line for them, among others.”
When listening to X-One, you can see that he has many different styles and intertwines his styles and ideals together in a format that is easy to listen to and understand, but takes some work to apply to your daily life.
“It’s a challenge, just like life itself. Most people don’t hear information and apply it to their life instantly. I am learning how to do that so I can teach it to my listeners. All I need is an audience, and they’re listening to my speech already, so why wouldn’t they want to listen to hot flows over ‘sick’ beats?”
Xavier’s music suggests that there is a deeper line of life, and challenges some of the most disputable subjects, such as the validity of the Holy Bible, government, and parental issues. When asked about parental issues, he says, “There is a line between children and parents that I would like to bridge together, so that the kids learn what they need to know before they come into adulthood so they can live to be upstanding citizens and make the world a better place than it was when their parents came into the world.” He sees himself as a “bridge between people with differing ideas.”
X-One is currently working on a mixtape entitled “Time,” touching on some of these issues. He hopes to participate in the upcoming season of “The X-Factor” on Fox. When asked how he would fit into The X-Factor, the rapper responds, “I believe that I will be able to pick up where ‘Astro’ left off. My flows touch you deeply, and I think the audience and the judges alike will feel my presence and vote me to the top, and they [The X-Factor] will crown a rap artist as season three’s champion.”
Xavier is currently writing a blog, entitled “Top Thoughts of the Day,” eluding to the fact that mental telepathy does, in fact exist, and he writes about ways to apply it to your life so that things that may distract you now will no longer distract you if you think to Him. His blog can be found at
Xavier can be contacted by phone at (440) 681-9444 or by e-mail at

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