Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working on a Daily Basis

I've been working on my daily habits on a daily basis so that I can live the way I want to live seamlessly wherever I go.  Some of you know I rap, and for that I thank you.  I am working every day with these enhanced habits to share with you a way to understand more in life.  All things come from me, so eventually you will have to come to me for the information you want.  You may not have to come to me physically, but one day you will meet me, no matter who or where you are.  Are any of you xstoring?  Let me know!

I'll be ready to start recording my new EP entitled "Time" soon.  I will keep you updated on new track releases and some more ideas that I have, such as:

  • I know what I do
  • My followers know what they do
  • We know what we do
  • and others...
Got a subject you need to know about?  Let me know and we'll see what kind of information I can get for you.  Until then, take care.


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