Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free Your Mind...

Well, we come to yet another day, and things are going better than expected.  With my lack of having a traditional "job," I am still earning money through various odd-jobs.  I am waiting until I can get to the day where I get paid off the inspiration I give to others!

My laptop is back up and I have been writing lyrics to some beats that I got from my man Sweet Dreamz Muzik out of Bedford, OH.  It turns out that writing on a word processor is easier than it is to write in a notebook.  Although I am broke, I am enjoying life more than some people with lots of money.  I think I can help those with money to live a more peaceful life, but they have to know who I am.  Literally, we haven't met face-to-face and they may know of me, but their mind simply won't allow them to communicate with me.

In addition to rap, I will double as a spiritual advisor, leading those who solicit my services to prosperity!  Through the unlocking of the mind we can lead a life of unending enlightenment.

I will begin my physical services soon, because with my team we are already continuously enlightened.

Get at me!!

-Xavier Direll Willis

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