Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rest In Peace

I was on datpiff looking up mixtapes and I saw a recent mixtape by Young Jeezy entitled "It's Tha World"... I heard this track called RIP ft. 2 Chainz and I immediately fell in love with it.  The next day (yesterday), I went to the library with my iPod and plugged it in so I could upload the mixtape and listen to it when and where I please.  So I had all the music put on my iPod, and I was ready to go!  I put "RIP" on "Repeat one" and headed to the restroom.  I had my iPod blasting with no headphones, and nigga, I was going hard in the paint.  So I propped my iPod so I could still hear it, and it was standing steady, so I proceeded to do my business when all of a sudden my iPod fell to the ground...

"Ain't this a bitch?" is what I said... I picked up my iPod to check its' status, and my screen stopped working from the fall!

Well, my iPod is still playing RIP, and instead of laying my iPod to rest, I "docked" it and it will be playing RIP for the rest of the forseeable future.

And for your listening pleasure, I bring to you Young Jeezy ft. 2 Chainz - "RIP."



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