Thursday, August 1, 2013

What a Beautiful Day

Feelin regal / give you a lesson so you can see to / what you do so your obstacles are see thru / changin the game well like meat do / my niggas like "me too!"
Tryina get it faster and I stay in control stay with the hold, my peeps and me stay with the four / make it and more comes, I throw my girl some sugar like a push and a horse comes

We are open where we meet!
If you see life like someone else you will have a channel in which to communicate!
What you see is Why you need to know... "Do you want to do this?"

How you hear, how you look, how you see.

To know an ending, you must know a beginning!

Favorite albums and what I get from them

________ told me he heard my voice amplified

as I was thinking of my lyrics to Be You, a little girl who walked by me said "equal" right on time with me!

There are different variations of "do it like me!"

My L's  got back their essence!

Xavier, you managed to solve the soul with just one person getting hurt (although we always want a perfect out for you)! How did you do it?
Me:  Like I did!

Ka - going the other way or doing the other thing

I had a head rush and I remember thinking, "I'm thinking through pain inflicted on me!"

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