Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is how you write what you like!

We will eventually see the outcomes of what we do.
Ignorance is the road block to understanding.
Ignorance is not a right. It is chosen.
What you learned in life will cause you to react a certain way to certain situations.
People who don't know each other may react to certain situations in the same way because they shared the same type of experience.
I.E. people who earn money on a regular basis in the same area may sniff at the same when they hear someone talking about money, while those who don't make money may look around, or even think "how will I make money?"
What do you call a sniff when you know something? It is a nose. "I work around the clock *sniff*." This person nosed what he said or thought, in an effort to pick up all that is associated with his work.
Sometimes nothing can be said, but to introduce something new, sometimes something must be said so both parties have the opportunity to agree.
I hit with Slim on won't back down on the bus. We are seeing life together which helps us see where we are to go, in turn allowing us to see where WE're going!
I want to hear what you're thinking.
Update: I am hearing what we are thinking!
I read and washed dishes, as well as cleaning up three grocery bags of trash. I also dropped off cds.

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