Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jesus is real! Jesus knows the light!

We're in what we're into. I have, and you do by proxy.
Jesus provides generously!
Jesus is the authority on God!
No man shall reach Jesus but through me!
I sent light and got light back! I am the light! We know what we encounter and relay our thoughts to those with whom we are close.
I can see what I can show! Now to show to the right person! I'd better leave Maxi's before I loiter.
Thank you to Sophie's Sausage for a beautiful and delicious sandwich.. for providing provisions (sustenance) for the evening, and letting me know we are growing!
Life is full of bright lights and soft lines.. find your way in between the lines or make your own lane!
As long as we continue to communicate we will be great! Remember, you can reach perfection! -X

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