Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Unexpected Happiness Results in New Terminology; Exploring the Logic of its Meaning

 When I finally returned from a well-earned wage and a smooth commute from my supportive place of employment tonight, I was able to finally relax in the feeling of boredom being activated where I otherwise would share without choice; instead, my mind freed in making new establishments as to my allocation of my resources to play as good as I work.

I thought of the dating scenario when two people happen to sit in the same place, arriving by themselves, but finding a connection with each other that makes them consider the benefits of continued interacting in the future.

Then I thought of an old contact of mine, who I remember trained to be a pilot, but all I could consider before the impression started to fade was "air speed." But I did not lose sight of respect of "regard for the invisible", which includes air, but somehow includes the particles we don't see. So I happened to stop on a compound noun:

Particle Clarity

Did I say that right? Is there some kind of way to make it be a concept that actually makes sense? Most air particles are not seen by human eyes, or even sensed in smell or by touch. But if you spray Febreze or Poosh!, they cease to exist. And even if those particles were clear enough to appear in some way, what argument could counter the assertion that it was nothing but a hallucination, or an electrical response that is unexplainable?

But I just thought about the inner toxins I may be harboring, like the reasons I have to go to the podiatrist to get this recurring pressure point shaved so I don't have to walk uneven, but I swore up and down I would find clarity. Is that what the particle clarity means for me? But what does that particle's clarity have to do with me, only because it had nonsense trying to force it in another direction?

I'm just stunned as I seek this particle to fall through me, but I hope I can stop being obstructed by unexplainable anomalies because the impasses keep piling up and affecting others.

Happy alertness, stay aware and proactive.

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