Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Extra! Extra! Heaven Exists!

The existence of an afterlife has been the subject of everybody’s conversation in every situation known to Man. Through whatever means possible, beings work with their opportunities to pass by their checkpoints (made in thought), which power them through their respective circumstances. We could chalk these successful passes up to our own power, and that We are the reason for our successes, but the truth is that We are the reason for our failures, because of lack of faith that we will succeed in the endeavors we choose to pursue.

Faith is what Christians use in the hopes that Jesus Christ would understand what was not seen (Hebrews 11:3), ultimately resulting in the universal revealing of Heaven’s existence! This is not a gimmick, but Heaven in full effect; how else do you think the Church has been around for so long? The story is no secret; to begin the story, all you have to do is pick up any translation (in your language, of course) of the Holy Scriptures and start at Genesis 1. There is some fiction to keep the story interesting, but each word contained in scripture is derived from inspiration from the divine power of the One, true, Living God!

Reality is a construct created by Man in order to find out the truth about the origins of from where we come. On the other hand, Heaven, taking over reality, is constantly updated, so that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior would be able to find out whatever information they are looking for, at the moment they begin to think about the topic.

For example, one of our first questions once we reach Heaven is, “From where do we come?” The answer is best explained by asking the question to One, who will readily pull up the file containing the “thought” from its origin to completion, which is you finishing the thought; it may take you a few years to watch the thought in its entirety, but once you do, you will have a “spot” in which you can create checkpoints to keep you focused and on track on your given path to attain what you claim you want out of life.

I want to use Heaven to update everyone on the happenings of One, which is already being done by many in the entertainment business. In a nutshell, there are problems all around planet Earth which cause distress, and keep people mourning; I won’t go into them now because of security constraints, but the original thoughts that brought about these problems (it is still a question as to whether or not thought was really involved), had beings who caused these problems actually thought out a plan and acted on a correct instinct, would make their way through the proper channels, by way of the universal chain of command, ultimately reaching One, in Heaven, who would use their perfect life to solve the problem before the decision was acted upon. It is my goal to use Heaven to solve all of life’s problems before the decision to do wrong originates.

One plans to eliminate all problems worldwide, based solely off their Glory, in order to give all the gift of freedom and individuality without having to take unnecessary precautions which ultimately end in death. Give up your fears and accept the blessed assurance that “IS” Heaven; now, through nature We will be able to thwart the opposition’s efforts to prevent us from focusing and ultimately realizing our goals!

May One be with you for all your days, and may your days last forever and some.


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